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(The above in-home elevator image is a still taken from a video on one of our accessibility renovations in Calgary)

Whether you have been in your home for years or decades, or you’ve just moved into the perfect spot to spend your retirement, you deserve the enjoyment of every square foot. After all, a life well-lived leads to plenty of mementos, cherished keepsakes, and hobby items to keep you busy in your golden years; what better time to make ample use of the space you have?

But as we age, sometimes parts of our home become more difficult to reach than others. Once-unremarkable activities like simply climbing or descending a staircase can prove challenging, with mobility or eyesight issues increasing the risk of falls and injury. But that’s where MyLifetimeHome™ comes in – because we believe that you should be able to move freely around all levels of your home, without worry or safety concerns.

That’s why we are proud to bring residential elevators to homeowners aging in place all around Calgary! This growing market has seen major technological leaps in the last few decades, and we are always thrilled when we get a chance to install one for an ecstatic homeowner. It’s one more way we are removing barriers for people who deserve the joy of a satisfying, dignified lifestyle in their own home.

3D Rendering of in-home elevator design

Facts About Residential Elevators

If you’re imagining a large, intrusive box that takes up precious space in your home, you’ll be pleased to know that some of the newer residential elevators are nothing of the sort (see videos at the bottom of this blog!). They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and configurations to match your needs. From small one-person lifts to true multi-storey elevators, they can completely transform how you utilize available space in your home, and what is possible across each level. 

Can You Put an Elevator in an Existing Home?

Yes! We pride ourselves on creating solutions for all homeowners, and installing elevators is no exception. Through the findings of our proprietary and thorough Design, Needs, and Alignment (DNA) Document, we will identify what setup would work best for you and your family and then use that as a springboard toward a holistic and enriching final design. You will have full transparency along the way, ensuring everything matches your ultimate vision for your home.

Many homeowners are surprised and even shocked at the sheer number of solutions and styles available when we make our recommendations. This is especially true with some of our favourite elevator suppliers, like HomeLifts or Stiltz Lifts, whose elegant and high-end designs do not just perform a vital function – they enhance the room where they are placed and they effortlessly blend in.

What is the smallest residential elevator?

The smallest residential elevators we have worked with are the Stiltz Duo and the HomeLifts Model 750. Both of these are unobtrusive units that fit especially well in corners, bringing two passengers up or down a single level in under 30 seconds. 

These elevators are hardly noticeable, especially when the platform is not in front of you. When you’re ready to go to a different floor, simply step in and use the on-board control panel to move to your destination! Built-in safety features – like a sensor that will stop the motor if a part of your body goes outside the elevator door – make this not only a stylish addition to your home, but a safe one as well.

How long does it take to install a home elevator?

Even though the larger models require removal of some walls, flooring, ceiling, and other materials, installing your own in-home elevator is a relatively straightforward process. Installation times will vary depending on factors like your home (the materials it is built with, its age, layout, if you need to upgrade with Calgary electricians and so on), availability of the elevator itself, and the size of its footprint.

For some of the smaller elevators, like t