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Providing financial resources, alternatives and solutions.

Welcome to MyLifetimeHome Finance, Funding & Grant Resources page.

This section is designed as an evolving financial resource for anyone looking to engage in a home modification including but not limited to:

  • Homeowners looking to age gracefully in their Home
  • A Homeowner living with a disability looking for better quality of life
  • A family member or caregiver wishing to have their loved one live a better quality of life
  • A Health care professional that would like to see their patient discharged to an accessible home
  • An Insurer or Lawyer looking for short or long term solutions for their client  now living with a disability

We have assembled a compassionate team whose sole purpose is to provide you, your family member, friend, client or patient with resources, alternatives and solutions surrounding home modifications to provide a Lifetime of Living in your own home.

The finance and funding resources shown here will evolve as banking institutions and both federal and provincial governments understand the enormous need for Canadians to remain in their home for a plethora of reasons.

Beyond the fact that 8 in 10 Canadians say they do not want to leave their home, but would prefer to live their lifetime in their home, there are many more reasons for financial institutions and governments to embrace this as well. We all need to understand that ANY of us at one time or another could fall into the 1 in 5 that relate to a disability of some sort at some point in our life.

In addition; the research clearly shows enormous value in helping those 8 in 10 that want to remain in their homes would be of significant benefit. Furthermore, by allowing all of us who wish to remain in our neighborhoods to keep connected to our communities, thereby reducing an outcome of isolation. In addition, it allows family and friends to visit more often with fewer restrictions and contributes greatly to improved mental health for everyone.

Not to mention; the proven physiological benefits of anyone being able to remain in their home; regardless their age or how they are differently-abled further contributes to a much more inclusive society. We envision a society that values the contribution that all humanity plays in preserving the health of neighborhoods and communities everywhere!

If you are following this thought process and nodding in agreement; we encourage you to be an advocate, a voice, an ambassador and help us in spreading this all important message to everyone you know; especially those who have  a position of influence in your personal sphere of influence.

The statistics are overwhelming in showing the need to free up our hospital beds over the next two decades as Baby Boomers (the world’s largest demographic in history) deal with longer life spans and inherent physical challenges; but still 8 in 10 wish to remain in their homes.

The health of our communities and the reduction of health care costs depend on Canadians realizing what other nations much older than ours have already realized and acted on; we need to figure out how to stay in our homes longer. As a result; our personal health and that of our collective communities will benefit.

We felt to have the rather long pre-amble to this Finance & Funding Resource page with the hope that our collective voices will be heard so you, your client, friend or family member can access much-needed resources. Some of these home modification banking resources are not yet available in Canada, but with all of us lending our collective voices to ‘the establishment’ the hope is we will see those solutions soon.

With your help and all those that share our passion for an inclusive society, we will witness a shift in many service industries to serve this sector of humanity much better than in years past.

The following suggestions and resources are by no means exhaustive, but they are a start and hopefully many of you will be helped. We also welcome your suggestions or input as you hear of new funding resources; please contact us at https://www.mylifetimehome.ca/contact/


Self-Financed Solutions & Resources;
  1. Re-financing: Major Banking and Mortgage Brokerages offer a product that we have found not everyone is aware of. Depending on the institution; it could be called a variety of things; BMO first started this program with what they entitled a Blend and Extend Mortgage. Essentially it allows you to add a renovation to your mortgage and based on the new appraised value of your home once completed; you are then able to borrow your bank’s approved LTV/loan to value ratio against the new appraisal total, NOT your current home’s value. This has been a tremendous solution for many of our clients:
      1. https://www.ratehub.ca/blended-mortgages


  2. HELOC/Home equity line of credit: Banks or Mortgage Brokers will provide homeowners a line of credit for interest-only payments that can be used to finance a home renovation:
    1. https://www.bmo.com/main/personal/loans-line-of-credit/line-of-credit/homeowners-line-of-credit/


  3. CHIP Reverse Mortgage: There are many unfounded myths surrounding this product; we recommend educating yourself on this by calling a Home Equity Bank Rep for a consultation:
    1. www.chip.ca


  4. Either as a first resort or last, depending on how one might view this; we suggest you speak with your financial planner and family members. There may be a possibility to raise funds by accessing current savings, RRSP’s, partially cashing out on an insurance policy, downsizing, relocating, or seeking loan assistance from family or friends.
    1. NOTE: Fund raising motivation may depend on whether this is a long term AIP/Aging In Place plan, or more of an immediate need due to a recent prognosis or hospital discharge. 
Assistance-based Financing Solutions & Resources:

The retrofits for this category may be more basic depending on available funds, but our goal is to work with you, your family or loved one to create home modifications that at minimum retain access to key areas of the home. Areas such as entry, kitchen, bath, and bedroom and making changes that allow you or your loved one to live with dignity and autonomy in the safety of an at home environment.

If the above list of ‘Self-Financed Solutions & Resources’ options has been exhausted without any opportunities; we suggest researching some of the following Government and Philanthropic resources:

Government Resources, Funding, Tax and/or Rebate Options:

  1. CMHC:
      1. Multi-resource site: https://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/developing-and-renovating/accessible-adaptable-housing
      2. 15 Minute Video from CMHC: https://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/developing-and-renovating/accessible-adaptable-housing/accessible-housing-by-design


  2. Alberta Gov’t resources and Veterans Affairs:
    1. https://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng
    2. https://www.alberta.ca/residential-access-modification-program.aspx
  1. CRA Assistance:


Philanthropic funding:

If the above list of ‘Government and Philanthropic Resources’ options has been exhausted without any opportunities; we will (on a case by case consideration) provide consultation/resource services for set up and management for either a GoFundMe page, or introductions to a philanthropic arm of a particular disability to advocate on your behalf.

Please contact us at: info@mylifetimehome.ca 

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At MyLifetimeHome; our focus has a singular mission; to serve you, your family member, your loved one, your client or your patient with a one-stop resource for as many solutions as possible surrounding accessibility needs for your Home.

That journey to understand both your options and solutions, is made possible with the vetted cross-section of partnerships you will find here as you research the many resources of MyLifetimeHome.

That journey could be as simple as arranging to have your home proactively retrofitted to your changing needs in mobility so you can remain in your home, to avoiding a family crisis due to an MVA, injury or debilitating diagnosis from your Doctor.

By proactively working with front line Healthcare providers, O/T’s, caregivers, and our vetted accessibility professionals, our team will ensure your home has at least the basics of residential accessibility products like ramps and safety rails in place prior to hospital discharge. Thus ensuring that the home you or your loved one arrives back to; will at minimum, have basic barrier-free components for a safe and functional home.

The diverse professional resources listed here will hopefully assist you in arranging for all the specifics of your preferred home environment. From room-specific renovations to ensure that basics of living are achieved; to a full home renovation, or new custom built home.

Once you engage in your personal Home modification design journey, we will help you ensure your surroundings are accessible, yet aesthetically stunning; not institutional or sterile feeling in any way. We will also introduce you to some of the very latest in both physical and technology based solutions for you to live a Lifetime of autonomy and dignity in your personal residence. Welcome to MyLifetimeHome.