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Accessible Homes & Renovations in Calgary

We Provide Solutions for Those Living with a Disability to Ensure Accessible Living at Home.

We design and build beautiful and fully accessible residences.

We do so by bringing aesthetically pleasing solutions to each of the spaces and rooms that require modification to then meet your specific mobility requirements without feeling clinical or sterile.

By liaising with you and your family, along with your health care professionals, we ensure you move into beautiful surroundings within your personal residence so you can live with autonomy and in dignity to the highest degree possible.

Our team is fully vetted, bonded, licensed, insured, with police background checks. Along with our founder’s 35 year history as a leader in compassionate delivery of award-winning renovations, our founder and his team have also been able to achieve stellar customer reviews from our extensive customer base.


Custom Solutions for Accessible Living at Home

No matter what your situation or ability, your home should always feel warm, welcoming, and safe – and you shouldn’t have to choose between a beautiful design and fully accessible spaces. Whether you live in Willow Park in the south, Springbank in the west, Bearspaw in the north or anywhere in between, at MyLifetimeHome we believe in finding that perfect balance for you. The result we’re after? Fully accessible homes that do not feel clinical, cold, institutional in any way, all while giving you autonomy and dignity.


What is an Accessible Home?

While this term is used in many different contexts, at its core it is a legally meaningful phrase used to describe specialized modifications in a domestic space. Accessible homes and accessible housing take many forms, depending on the needs of the individuals involved.

Accessible construction in homes often includes features like larger doorways, modified stairways, lowered (or raised) cabinetry, weight-bearing fixtures, and enhanced lighting in certain areas (e.g., showers). Many furnishings, fixtures, and decorations are created to accommodate your individual needs and wants, which are detailed and recorded during the planning process. Just as you or your loved one are your own unique person, everyone deserves a unique solution that affords the best possible lifestyle, complete with a welcoming aesthetic that truly makes your home comfortable, yet design savvy as well.


Accessibility Construction

What is accessibility construction?

It is not so much an action or a blueprint as it is a holistic approach to the way your home is laid out and master planned. Construction for accessibility can be small – like installing strong, sturdy handrails alongside a stairway, a curbless shower, or wider doorways and corridors – or it can mean an entire re-design and rebuild of one or more floors. There is no ‘one size fits all’ form of accessibility construction; it is entirely dependent on your needs, goals, lifestyle, and the available space in your home, and in some cases with a pre-existing mobility challenge, an assessment by an Occupational Therapist would add great value to the final designs.

We firmly believe that homeowners should never have to sacrifice aesthetics and pride in their residence for functionality and safety. Therefore, in all the accessibility construction we undertake, we ensure that all changes – be they spatial, technological, or practical in nature – not only serve a vital purpose, but also enrich the visual landscape of the home’s décor and atmosphere without any medical or hospital-like nuances.

If you have any questions at all about how we can use accessibility construction methods to maximize your enjoyment of and satisfaction in your home, simply reach out to the pros here at My Lifetime Home and we will be thrilled to go into more detail for your specific situation.


Home Accessibility Renovations in Calgary

Are you interested in updating your existing home with accessibility features, or building a new one to both match your vision and make you smile as you navigate through each gorgeous room? (And did you know that you might qualify for a federal tax credit if you do? (NOTE: In Alberta, if you or your family member is over 18 years of age, $14,940 on line 58440 is your DTC/Disability Tax Credit.) Our thorough and detailed process has five steps, each of which are important to fully enjoy your new or renovated home. Those five steps are:

1. Consultation and Assessment
Your home is where you spent much of your time, and it is likely to be the most valuable investment you ever make. We want to make sure yours is just the way you want it, so you can live a full and satisfying life there.

The initial consultation – where we provide an overview of design solutions and budget estimates – is free of charge. For more detailed services at this step, such as consulting with an occupational therapist, proposal development, or designer services, costs may vary by scope.

2. Financing
While this is usually the most difficult part of the process, we’ve found that there are several options for financing that are often overlooked. More information about these different options can be found on our “Five-Step Process” page, which gives details on some solutions from banks, brokerages, payment plans, and so on
. Our newest finance partner link is: Financeit Pinnacle Renovations

3. Design and Accessible Selections
There are many variables at this stage – the scope of work, rebuilding vs. renovation, planning for future needs as well as current needs that depend on specific mobility requirements, and so on. This stage is where we engage in our “Design Discovery” process, which has been created to build both your wish list and your must-have list, all the while making your home unique to your design style.

4. Renovations, Modifications, or Custom Build Process
Whether you choose to stay at home during the renovations, relocate else
where, or wait for your custom new home to be complete, we are a single point of contact that offers many associated services to make your experience more enjoyable. Long before the modifications begin, we will work with you to protect important items and areas and lay out expectations for the weeks and months ahead. As always, our team will be ready to discuss your project process, and listen to concerns every step of the way. We also provide a cloud-based customer portal that allows you to access every single detail of your project and project calendar from anywhere in the world, as long as you have Wi-Fi.

4. Move-in Celebration
A great result is worthy of recognition – so our
tradition is to bring together everyone who made your new home a reality and hold a “turnover celebration”. This is your chance to officially move in and fully experience your ‘new’ home, designed specifically and fully customized just for you. It is a wonderful and emotional event that you will remember for years to come. As you see your new home unveiled for the first time, we will also conduct a final walkthrough to ensure all details you envisioned are completed to your satisfaction, and review warranty information for your records. 


Disability Remodeling in Calgary, Alberta

We take immense pride in our work, and we are grateful to have worked with many families to make their home both accessible and beautiful; we call it ‘invisible accessibility’. Our team is fully vetted, bonded, licensed, and insured, and we liaise with all stakeholders and relevant healthcare professionals to ensure your new home is as individual as you wish it to be. 

Our founder, Paul Klassen of Pinnacle Group, has a 35-year history around Calgary, Cochrane, Chestermere, Airdrie, Okotoks, and other southern Alberta communities as a leader in compassionate delivery of award-winning renovations. He leads a team that consistently achieves stellar customer reviews from our extensive customer base, and he is the first renovator in Calgary to complete the newly released Canadian Adaptive Home Renovation Exam. As a result, you and your family get the very best outcome as a result of the latest solutions for accessible renovations. 

When you want your Calgary home to truly become “your” Calgary home, reach out and discuss your dreams with us today. We look forward to hearing all about them!

Simple 5-Step Process

MyLifetimeHome has a 5-step process from inception to move-in ready home modifications.

My Lifetime Home | I am a Person Living with a Disability

Consultation & Assessment

My Lifetime Home | I am a Person Living with a Disability


My Lifetime Home | I am a Person Living with a Disability

Design & Accessible Selections

My Lifetime Home | I am a Person Living with a Disability

Renovation, Modifications or Custom Build Process

My Lifetime Home | I am a Person Living with a Disability

Move-in Celebration

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