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We Design, Build and Renovate Residences for LIFE.

Our team of professionals educate and advocate; then Design and Build beautiful homes and renovations for those needing or choosing to live in accessible environments.

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Resources Designed for Accessibility & Lifestyle Freedom

At MyLifetimeHome™, our focus has a singular mission; to serve you, your family member, your loved one, your client or your patient with a one-stop resource for requirements surrounding accessibility and inclusion within residential spaces.

Your journey may be to proactively renovate your Home in case mobility changes at some point, to ensure you can remain in your home. Our AIP/Aging In Place solutions are the answer to more than 8 in 10 Homeowners who statistics say wish to remain in their homes; most of whom do not currently have a mobility challenge. However, all of us understand the value and benefits of forward-thinking; no differently than preparing for our children’s education or our retirement through prudent planning and investments. AIP follows those same principles relating to forward thinking lifestyle.

Or, your journey may be to avoid a family crisis due to a MVA or debilitating injury or diagnosis from your family Doctor. By proactively working with front line Healthcare providers, O/T’s, caregivers, and our renovation professionals, our team will ensure your home has at least the basics of residential accessibility.


Features like ramps, grab bars and safety rails will be in place. Thus ensuring that the home you or your loved one moves into will at minimum; have basic barrier-free components to ensure lifestyle freedoms and dignity are retained.

The diverse professional resources listed here are such that we can help facilitate every aspect of your preferred home environment. From room-specific renovations to ensure that basics of living are achieved; to a full home renovation, or a new custom built home.

With each one of these options, we ensure your surroundings are stunning, and not institutional or sterile in any way. Our full suite of services will also incorporate as many of the very latest in both physical and technology based solutions for you to live a Lifetime of autonomy and dignity in your own Home.

Simple 5-Step Process

MyLifetimeHome has a 5-step process from inception to move-in ready home modifications.

My Lifetime Home | Home

Consultation & Assessment

My Lifetime Home | Home


My Lifetime Home | Home

Design & Accessible Selections

My Lifetime Home | Home

Renovation, Modifications or Custom Build Process

My Lifetime Home | Home

Move-in Celebration

Our Team

Paul Klassen

Paul Klassen


Brennan McGillivray

Brennan McGillivray

Production Manager

Stephanie Waddell

Stephanie Waddell

Office Manager

Stephen Neal

Stephen Neal

Field Tech & Supervisor

Jami Giesbrecht

Jami Giesbrecht

Lead Designer

Grant Waddell

Grant Waddell

Site Supervisor

Professional Designations

MyLifetimeHome™ is a division of Pinnacle Group Renovations by Design Ltd. Our Designations include:

Bonded/Licensed/insured; Provincial license: # BL 102048

C-CAPS Certification in progress / Canadian Certified Aging in place Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for accessibility construction in Calgary?

The cost of hiring us depends on various factors, such as:


  • The size and scope of the project
  • The type and quality of materials
  • The design and layout of the space
  • The specific needs and preferences of the client


We offer a free consultation for anyone who is interested in our services.

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How long does it take to build an accessible home?

The project estimate depends on various factors such as


  • The type and extent of home 
  • The specifications of the project. 


We will work with you to create a realistic schedule that minimizes disruption and inconvenience. We will also keep you updated on the progress and status of the project throughout the process.

What are the key features of a My Lifetime Homes home in Calgary ?

Our accessible homes will have features like ramps, grab bars and safety rails in place. Thus ensuring that the home you or your loved one moves into will at minimum have basic barrier-free components.

Do you offer financing for renovations in Calgary?

Yes, we do offer up to $100,000 of financing for accessibility renovations in Calgary. Click here for more options. For more information, contact us at (403) 720-8789.

Is My Lifetime Home licensed, insured and bonded?

Yes, our accessibility construction company is licensed, insured and bonded. We are a licensed contractor with the City of Calgary, and carry $5 million in liability insurance and WCB coverage for all our employees and subcontractors. We are also bonded by the Alberta New Home Warranty Program, which provides protection for homeowners against defects in workmanship and materials.